12 Days of Christmas, Day 9 – Prue Mason

Welcome to the 9th Day of Christmas and the Australian author Prue Mason.Prue lives in Maleny, Queensland, Australia and writes terrific fiction. Her book “Camel Rider” won the Queensland Premier’s Literary Award for Best Children’s Book in 2005. She grew up in country South Australia but left home at a young age because there were too many cousins and aunts and uncles who cared enough to try and prevent her from making all those errors she really wanted to make. Since then she’s travelled the world and lived in Canada and the Middle East and now home is in the mountains behind the Sunshine Coast.

Here’s Prue’s Christmas memory from when I was about 10 years old all about Christmas Pudding! Yummy??

Christmas pudding. The whole thought of it, hot, sweet, sticky turned my stomach but no way was I ever going to not eat my share because who knows this year I might be the one to find the Christmas sixpence.
Every Christmas uncles, aunts, great-uncles and great-aunts, and cousins gathered at our Aunty Clara’s house. It was Aunty Clara, who always made the Christmas pudding and put in the Christmas sixpence. The sixpence was swapped for 10 cents so well worth the ordeal of eating the slice of pudding.
As usual the kitchen was steaming as Aunty Clara, Mum and the aunts cooked up a leg of lamb Dad had provided; a turkey from an aunt’s backyard and plenty of roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, and potato salad from our uncle the potato farmer. The uncles were in the lounge room drinking whisky and getting louder. We kids, were shooed from the kitchen to the living room to outside and given way too much lime cordial mixed with lemonade. We’d been up since dawn and were in our new Christmas clothes and were just managing to hold it together because we knew if we started fighting now there’d be no Christmas pudding.
By mid afternoon it was seriously hot and we were already full from gobbling the usually forbidden sweets as we sat at the rickety card table at the end of the main table. We had to get through a hot meal of meat and about 25 vegetables. It had to be stuffed in or no pudding.
Then the moment came. Oohs and ahs as Aunty Clara pulled the cloth back from the monstrous steaming brown blob. We all got our portion smothered in cream.
My stomach turned as I took the first gluggy mouthful. Then another. No sixpence so far. The last spoonful. I closed my eyes and swallowed. I felt something hit the back of my throat, almost choking me. My stomach lurched and I could taste, turkey, mushed vegetables, lime cordial and pudding as I threw the lot up. Including the sixpence. Ah Christmas pudding!
Drop in to Prue’s website to find out more about her books and her life … and make sure you look for the picture of her in a flying suit!

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