biog copy

Just sent off the biog copy for Sounds Spooky.

Christopher’s early years were spent near a large old rumble-tumble falling down house which he would often visit (but only as far as the fence) and he was forever creating stories of spooky happenings there.

Now he lives with his wife in a very old and sometimes crotchety, inner-city Sydney terrace. There are often creaking floorboards, knocking windows, rustling curtains, tapping sounds and scratching roof noises that happen for no reason at all … but there are no ghosts there – or are there?

Christopher has written the words for a children’s musical, an animation and many fiction and non-fiction books. He has been a classroom teacher in schools and at the zoo, and he really enjoys playing with words and creating stories. He also loves bats, snakes and especially dragons!

Its a happening thing!

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