Look at my Desk! Sarah Davis

It is a thrill to have for our second desk revelation at My Creating Space, my lovely friend Sarah Davis. Sarah is also the wonderfully talented illustrator of our new picture book Sounds Spooky which will come out later this year.

So here is Sarah’s Creating Place – or as she called it My Lack of Creating Space.


Welcome to my messy space. I’m not very tidy or organised, and when I get carried away in the middle of making or painting something, I tend to throw everything all over the place. This can be a problem, because my little corner of the house isn’t very big, so it will often end up with my strangled voice crying “Help me! Help me!” from underneath a huge mound of mess. Sometimes it takes my family weeks to dig me out. Once they had to bring in rescue dogs.

the “helpers”

and this is from Sounds Spooky!
Sarah’s latest title, out right now, is Aloha, Kanani, (written by Lisa Yee, published by American Girl)

Other recent releases include Fearless, and Violet Mackrel’s Brilliant Plot.

DO drop in to see Sarah’s terrific website.

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