Look at my Desk!

One of the most common questions I am asked on school visits (after “Are you married?” and “Do you have children?”) is “Where do you work?” So here begins an expose of the desks and Creating Places of some of my friends from around the world who just happen to be Children’s and Young Adult authors and illustrators. Every two weeks about this time someone new will pop up. I have a bunch already arranged so lock it in and have a peek-a-boo at where we create.


This is where most of my writing happens.

My OLD desk is barely seen n the corner below. It was a railway station master’s desk but it was too small and I couldn’t sit at the desk properly (bad posture) so now it holds lots and lots and lots of books.

My NEW larger, posture-ly fantastic desk has way more space … although I still don’t seem to have enough. This might be due to the gathering ‘toys’ that inhabit my desk (they also hide in my bookshelves). There’s a picture (or three) of my wife, another of my godson and parents, my mother’s old bible, a telephone I can put on speaker phone (or ignore) and this morning’s cold cup of tea!
And then there are PENS. I love pens (especially ink ones) and they are everywhere. I don’t write first to computer. Ideas germinate in my head, then are dropped into note books (or my writing wall which is opposite my desk – it’s our old wardrobe door) and are then transfered to the computer. Picture books are often completely scribed in the notebook before they make it to the computer.
The louvres are only partly opened, otherwise I’ll be distracted by the street-action. My Creating Place is filled with books (many are autographed) on shelves in alphabetical order of course! Many also populate the floor, waiting to be shelved … or read! Being immersed in books – just perfect.
So there we are – My Creating Place.

The next place will be from Sarah Davis … who is illustrating our new picture book!

2 Responses to Look at my Desk!

  1. I enjoyed your post, Chris,

    I love looking at how and where people create.

    I’m looking forward to reading this series of posts.


    deescribewriting February 7, 2011 at 11:06 am Reply
  2. I love seeing where book creators work – thanks for the peek 🙂

    Marjorie February 10, 2011 at 10:16 pm Reply

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