Doing the Bahamas thing!

“WHERE have you been?” they cried. Well as the saying goes, the best laid plans….

For the past week I have been in or around the USA, essentially attending the SCBWI Regional Advisors Retreat where we were discussing new initiatives and ventures and very importantly sharing ideas and thoughts on ways we can better serve our members.

The retreat began on a big boat in Miami and ended on a big boat in Mami – but in between we sailed the oceans blue, saw the most stunning full moon, visited Nassau walking the streets and also Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas, saw lots of water, and ate till you couldn’t eat anymore (these crusises have 24 hour buffets) oh yes and we did some work too, well it was a working retreat after all.

I had planned on adding posts each night but the internet connection was not the best – I think that the dolphins and sea turtles were powering full time to maintain the cracking pace on the oceans and didn’t have time to maintain power for the internet connections!

For those who don’t already know the SCBWI is an not-for-profit organistiaon witha  membership of more than 25000 children’s mainly authors and illustrators from around teh world – it is the largest children’s writing organization in the world. Check out SCBWI here.

This was a hugely successful retreat with advisors from all over the world (South Africa, Japan, France, Canada, the USA and of course Australia) funneling into Miami last Friday. The post retreat buzz has been quite amazing. It was a wonderful time of friendship and warmth, singing (if that is what you call Karoke) and dancing (even me with two left feet hit the boards on the last night, getting to know new advisors and meeting delightful friends, and being, as is often said at SCBWI, with this wonderful family.

Here are few snaps of us hard at work … or not.


What a blast!

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  1. Ahem… WOW!! That looks like a heck of a retreat! I don’t think the Rottnest ferry is going to be as fancy as THAT!

    Caz Williams March 27, 2011 at 12:36 am Reply

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