Look at my Desk! Lisa Yee

Here we go – our first International guest. Lisa lives in California, USA, and is the author of the American Girl titles that were illustrated by Sarah! How thrilling to have Lisa here too so read on because this is Lisa Yee’ Creating Place:


My Creating Place is less an office and more of a room full of my stuff. Mainly, books and toys, and meaningless (to other people) junk that I’ve collected along my way to becoming a children’s/YA author. Pretty much, every inch of space is taken up, and recently I’ve resorted to putting my Nathan Fillion/ALA READ poster on the ceiling.

My bookshelves are crammed tight with books, and the autographed ones get their own shelf. (Overflow books are in piles on the floor.) The walls and bulletin board are lined with original art, scraps of paper, and photos. And my desk is a mess, but one of those messes where I know exactly where everything is.

“So much stuff! How can you write with all that stuff?” I’ve been asked.

True, a lot of stuff. But that stuff is what memories are made of. How could I not write in my room?


Lisa’s latest title, out right now, is Warp, Speed (Arthur A. Levine/Scholastic).
Other recent releases include:
Aloha, Kanani and Good Job, Kanani (American Girl – which were illustrated by Sarah Davis, whose desk was featured last time), and
Bobby the Brave (Sometimes) (Scholastic).

DO drop in to see Lisa’s website – and do look out on her site for Peepy!

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  1. But where is the Peepster? It would be like ‘Where’s Wally’ (sorry – Where’s Waldo!) trying to spot him amongst all of that lot 🙂

    Caz Williams April 3, 2011 at 12:09 pm Reply

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