Look at my Desk! Holly Cupala

And now presenting my friend Holly Cupala and her Creating Space. Holly lives in Seattle, (Washington USA) and it was a thrill to have dinner with her and some of my other SCBWI friends last year when we were touring around the West Coast! Don’t miss Holly’s YA novel Tell Me A Secret.
But read on to find out about Holly’s corner of the world – or her office!


I love to write with my laptop at the dining room table, but unfortunately that doesn’t work out so well for my back and neck. So it’s into the office we go. The messy half belongs to…oh, fine. It belongs to me. But the other messy half belongs to my husband. Here is my half:

We have everything from the stack of books I brought back from ALA (American Library Association) to a Kermit the Frog circa 1978 to at least three writing projects going at once. First, we have the galley edits for my story in the upcoming Dear Bully anthology (HarperTeen, Fall 2011, edited by Carrie Jones and Megan Kelley Hall). I’m also going over the galley of Don’t Breathe a Word, my second YA coming from HarperTeen in October. I couldn’t work long without the cheerful faces in photos of some writing friends and me with my sweetheart.
And of course…books! Just a very small sampling of the YA collection:

I’m working on a third novel right now…planning and brainstorming like mad in my little notebook.
Maybe after it’s done, this place could use some spring cleaning…?

Do drop in to Holly’s website and also look at her fantastic YA novel. And Holly created great glass magnets for her book Tell me a Secret when it came out … and she gave me the instructions too which will be just perfect for Sounds Spooky!

Out Now:
Tell Me A Secret
Coming Soon:
Don’t Breathe A Word

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