A Creative Gathering

Every 6 months or so a few of the creative folk from sydney and surrounds drop in to our place for a chin wag and sharing of feasting delights (and news and gossip and …) and yesterday was another one of the gatherings. The attendance register this time included Margaret Wild, Julie Vivas, Sarah Davis (with Zoe and Nikkau), Deb Abela (and Todd), Serena Geddes and Susanne Gervay.

Margaret, Julie and Bini
Lots of chit chats about books:- Margaret has a glorious new picture book with Ron Brooks Thylacine; Suzanne’s new book is nearly done; Serena has titles out with Sainsbury UK, we (Sarah and I) played the gathering the not-quite-complete trailer for Sounds Spooky; Deb has done the first draft of the new titles so she is alive. There was even a bit of work done – I tired to snap a sneaky photo of Sarah and Serena (below) but I was sprung!!

Sarah and Serena and a portfolio

and of course much general catching up, champagne (of course not for me) and sharing cups of tea. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon. We often see each other in passing at festivals and events but we really don’t get a chance to sit and relax and just chat. Luckily the weather (it’s been raining a bit here for those not in the vicinity) wasn’t a problem — we even had the sun shining.

chatting and feasting and drinking tea

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