Crystal Kites

and in all of the hullaballoo of the week … I forgot to add this on Monday night when they were announced:

Congrats to Claire Saxby who received the 2011 Crystal Kite Award for our SCBWI Australia and New Zealand divison. Would love to be at the next Victorian SCBWI meeting!!!!

WHAT are the Crystal Kites you ask? Well they are the Awards that I set up here for our SCBWI chapter where members voted for their favourite published book of the preceeding year – a little like the Logies or the People’s Choice Awards (or a National Children’s Choice awards that should be run here)! One year it was a little Aussie / New Zealand thing, the net year it went global and all around the SCBWI membership folks voted for their favourite books published last year in their division.

And elsewhere in the world Candy Gourlay – who will be appearing on My Creating Space in the next few months, and my friends Sydney Salter (who appeared in a Christmas Memory post last year) and Jo Kittinger (who I will have to grab for this blog) also won the trophy for their respective divisions. Their books get stickered, they each receive a Crystal Trophy and more …
As Chair of these awards (that’s what happens when you come up with a great idea) it was absolutely amazing to see this happen. There were a few pinching-of-self too. Oh and it was awfully hard not to blab – but I DID keep the secret!

More on the Crystal Kites in the press release from the SCBWI website.
What an awesome BUZZ!!!

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