Day 1 AFCC 2011

And so the festival begins. Steve (Mooser) gave a great opening keynote this morning and this year we snaffled a seat right down the front because last year I got stuck way up in the bleachers of the Arts House, which used to be the Old Parliament House. Others got caught on the sides and so ended up with crook necks!

steve delivering keynote

My first session was on Collaboration and that was fun – about working with another creative force and of course I was especially talking about creating Sounds Spooky with Sarah as well as the libretto for the musical that Beth scored. I loved it that folks asked so many questions. Reflecting on this too – I really enjoy the collaborating – especially with the picture books. It is just an amazing experience to see someone else’s interpretation of my work. And that was one of my key points – Reinterpretation.

Straight after that found me back in the Hall being interviewed for a documentary on the AFCC which included discussions on where the new media is taking reading – and where is it going – and that of course is to today’s readers.

with Joanne Teoh for documentary

but BIG NEWS I have just Skyped home. Bini told me to close my eyes and then she revealed … SOUNDS SPOOKY – it arrived today from couriered out straight from Random … ARGH! Here I am in Singapore and there in Australia is the new book! SO of course I just can’t wait to hold it in my hands.

Also had a chat with the festival director:

with Rama

– more later on that,  and late in the afternoon my second session on Marketing in which I tried to cram as much as I know about Marketing the Author / Illustrator – I was barely half way though my presentation and I was given THAT 5 minute signal. I am reliably told that I know an awful lot! I had folk who wanted many photos and asked lots more questions. And here they are … an attentive bunch.

they even take notes

The last part of Day 2 was the evening put on by the AFCC folk for SCBWI members and guests where we all gathered to share the good news of SCBWI International.

talking about SCBWI internationally

and to get the obligatory group photo:

group photo

and a photo of us in not so serious mode!

not so serious

Day 1 is done! Two talks down and one to go. This gathering is a wonderful time for us to network and share experiences across the Asia Pacific region.

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  1. Hi Chris! Fantastic post. Here is mine where I did inform you that I captured a pretty flattering photo of you during your session:

    I am working on Day Two today. =)
    – Myra

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