Look at my Desk! Bruce Hale

This is my friend Bruce Hale. Aloha! Bruce inhabits Hawaii (USA) and we always have a catch up at the Annual summer conference in LA. And Bruce loves geckos … so that HAS to be a good thing!
Read on now and find out more about bruce and his Creating Space – we do have a lot in common: a love of animals, ikea desks and a short trip to the kitchen!


I cannot lie — my room is a mess. I delayed writing this piece for a couple of months, hoping to catch my workspace in a clean state before documenting it. But this weekend, the truth struck me like a wet fish across the chops: it’s always messy. And in those rare instances when the desktop is clear, it’s just waiting for the next project, the next avalanche of paper.

Luckily, I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t mind a reasonable amount of mess. Sitting at this desk, I write novels and picture books, create illustrations, and generally stir up trouble. Above the computer hangs a timely reminder from my spiritual advisors, Ben & Jerry: IF IT’S NOT FUN, WHY DO IT? Gecko talismans are everywhere, from the beanbag geckos I use as paperweights, to the Chet Gecko standee by my light table, to the framed original artwork from the cover of THE MYSTERY OF MR. NICE.

Secreted about the space, I’ve got oodles of animal figurines. A replica of the Maltese Falcon sits on the little bookshelf above my computer; cats and elephants and alligators peek out from various shelves and nooks; and I’m just beginning to expand my collection of windup critters.

I put this desk set together with my own hands and an Allen wrench, courtesy of my good friends at Ikea. The iPod dock keeps my ears happy. The keyboard and chair are ergonomic, and my kitchen is only a 30-second walk away.

All in all, the perfect workspace for me.


Bruce’s Latest books are:
Snoring Beauty and another terrifi Chet Geko title, Dial M for Mongoose

You can find Bruce here at his website http://www.brucehale.com/. And if you want to find out more about writing then you might want to subscribe to Bruce’s monthly newsletter The Inside Story through the Bruce Hale Writing Tips website. Go on, check  it out!

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