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Thrilled to have here for the latest instalment of My Creating Space my fantabulous friend Wendy Orr. We don’t see each other often but communication in cyberspace is the next best thing. Wendy of course wrote the wondeful Nim’s Island which was made into the movie that starred Jodie Foster. How grand – and Wendy has some great ‘red carpet’ photos on her website too. But for now, read on to discover Wendy’s Creating Space and look – another IKEA desk is mentioned.


For the first time in my life, my creative space was designed especially to be my office when we built the house. I was actually quite happy in the odd spaces I had in houses before, but I love this.

I wrote my first books on an old kitchen table, then an IKEA desk my kids had finished with, but a few years ago I had this desk purpose built: lots of room for files, a keyboard drawer, a hole for that messy spiderweb of cords: perfect. Then I had these bookcases built from two blackwood trees that were knocked down in a storm – a long wait of milling, drying, and finally building, but absolutely worth it! The only problem is that they’re not elastic, so books are already being stacked in odd places.

Besides books, I’ve got teddy bears that belonged to each of my parents as well as my kids, a Folkmanis chameleon puppet that the Nim’s Island producer, sent me because it reminded her of Fred, the princess puppet that Red Balloon Books in Minneapolis gave me at the Princess and her Panther launch… the only rule is that everything on display has to make me feel good. The walls have awards, illustrations from my books, a portrait of the Alex Rover hero that was under the writer’s desk in the film and the freestanding movie poster jammed behind the couch. The back of the sliding door usually has maps for the work in progress (I’ve just taken Raven’s Mountain’s maps down).

And I’m lucky enough to have a beautifully peaceful green view out my windows… (and a massage table from when I’ve sat at the computer too long!)

and I thought it most important to add this photo too that Wendy sent to me … with a few pieces from the MOVIE!
Wendy’s latest book is the novel Raven’s Mountain (Allen&Unwin)

and her recent titles inlude the picture book The Princess and her Panther and also Mokie & Bik

Do drop in to Wendy’s website here (or see http://www.wendyorr.com/)

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