Made it to Singapore

I have flown over to Singapore for the 2011 edition of the Asian Festival of Children’s Content but the first day here has nothing to do with the festival. Day 1 highlights the importance of networking and this trip has begun at a rapid pace.
Last year I spoke at the terrific Manila Literary International Festival and met Jay (from Jacaranda Press literary agency) who was also an invited speaker. The festivals are fun but the people you meet are superb! When she heard that I was coming over for AFCC she immediately lassooed my services to make a very quick visit to her daughter’s school – the Singapore American School. Thankfully, I love this part of being a writer (it’s the teacher in me I am sure), going in to the different schools and being with the students. So this morning was spent at the school with some of the year 6 students and their teacher Scott Riley discussing poetry – and picture books. Lotsa fun. We chatted about some of the different poetry they encounter including not just those words written in books (and I even got to squeeze in Sounds Spooky) but also the poetry that makes up the lyrics for the songs that they listen too. Great kids, lovely teachers, stunning school. (Thanks for the pressie guys)

in action 
PTA offices
one entrance

Of course with Jay organising there will always be food involved so two school sessions were followed by an early lunchtime feast … as these pictures demonstrate! We started at Hediard’s…

tea and cake – glorious

and ended up next door at a cafe where I was treated to some rather delectable Indian kebabs (not on the menu) and a juice that just slithered down the throat.

platter of kebabs

Day 1 nearly done.

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  1. Oh I was at Singapore American School last year–what an incredible place! Glad you had a good first day in Singapore.

    Uma Krishnaswami May 26, 2011 at 1:53 am Reply

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