Con-Nerd launch

Sunday night was a thrill, wonderful food, great company, good books, fun folks … oh and I launched Oliver Phommavanh’s new title for Penguin Books Con-Nerd at Shearer’s Bookshop on Norton.

Heather, Oliver, Chris

Many of Oliver’s family and friends were there and there was FOOD. and as a side note it is a good thing to go to an Oliver launch – there is always food.

As I said during my chat, at first I wondered a little why Oliver wanted me to launch his book but after reading it I most definitely knew why. It was about ME – well it could have been me in the book, nerdy kid with mega thick glasses who lives in the library at school and whose family really drives education (as only the Chinese can – although luckily I didn’t have to go to too many extra coaching classes), and honour and earning lots of money by being a doctor or lawyer but definitely not, as in Connor’s case,  by being an artist (or for me a children’s author).

Heather, CC, Bini (photo thanks to Wendy Blaxland)

But as mentioned it was a thrill launching the book and also catching up with Heather, Oliver’s editor who is my wonderful friend from the days when we both worked at Taronga.


Had lots of fun so many thanks Oliver for asking me to launch your great book. As I also said at the launch I read this in nearly one sitting (I did need to take a short break during the reading) so it must be good and full of Oliver’s zany humour. And that photo of Bini above … there is a wonderful book on the bookshelf right behind her left ear … and no, the author did not place it face out or position it that way!

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