Day 2 AFCC 2011

SO – where did the posts for days two and three go … well they have been sitting in here so here we go:

The highlight of day two, would have to have been meeting and talking with Jose Ramos-Horta (not only is this man a nobel prize winner but he started a country too) as was seen in the previous post. But there were other great things happening here at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content. There were sessions on getting published, creating storyboards, digital illustrations, as well as reflections from Kelly Sonnack on changes in publishing – although a little different to australia there are still issues the same.

Some of my morning was spent refining my final presentations – pity that the hotel room had maintenance work going all day on my floor! I didn’t realise that drilling and hammering could operate that long. I seem to luck out with that hotel. Last year they couldn’t even find me a room for the first night.

SCBWI has a strong presence at this gathering and this year the programme has included the SCBWI sponsored sessions FIRST LOOK / FIRST PAGES, done at many SCBWI conferences and gathering worldwide. FIRST LOOK for illustrators was yesterday (I missed that getting ready for my session) but today’s session FIRST PAGES for authors I attended. There is no way that I could ever imagine sending in a sample page of a work in progress to be discussed publicly so I certainly admire the people who do. Some interesting story openings for sure.

Of course again the highlight was the evening gathering to hear Jose Ramos-Horta speak – and then me being able to chat with him for so long. Amazing!

Also caught up with my friend Warren Buckleitner who established Children’s Technology Review (Children’s Technology Review is designed to keep parents, teachers and librarians up to date on the latest children’s interactive media products see this for more)We did a joint session last year. Warren is a great guy and sees/reviews/examines a huge number of media related applications each year. And he also runs an amazing institute – Dust or Magic that all the creators just clamour to attend. I would love to be a fly (or a moth, or a gnat, or a bee, or ….) on the wall at the gathering of those brains!
He snapped these photos as well.

Warren learning to use my camera
snapped with Warren – who did he give his camera to?

and then this photo he snapped over dinner of me showing Kathleen the photos already taken. Just wonderful.

Day 2 done!

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