It’s Been Busy Week

A very bookish, busy week that’s for sure.

It started on Sunday morning really early (in between breakfast bites and coffee drinking) with a Skype call to Mark, my US agent, chatting about my manuscripts that he has there and tetnus injections.
Monday was with my publisher at Random House plotting out the new non-fiction title we are hoping that I will be creating in conjuction with (I can’t say).
Tuesday and Wednesday were spent roughing out some ideas and writing articles about my experiences at tthe Asian Festival of Children’s Content in Singapaore for the Book Council to publish.
And then last night was a small gathering of NSW SCBWI folk. We spent a few hours dining and chit chatting (not in that order) about all that we have under way. The cold weather (yes it is cold for Sydney!) and an ash cloud that stopped planes flying kept a few folk from attending. Also caught up with Oliver who gave me a copy of his new title Con-Nerd which I am launching this coming Sunday. Oliver also sent me this photo to blog, because I was talking so much I fogot to get a snap!

Yep. A very busy bookish week … and there are still a few days to go.

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