Look at my Desk! Paul Collins

Welcome to the world of Paul Collins, author and publisher. This post is a great insight into the life of a small independent publisher. Just look at that floor (yes this blog is about desks but the floor has cropped in here!)

These are Paul’s words about bis Creating Space – including his floor!


Everything I publish at Ford Street basically evolves here in the study. Yep, that’s the unsolicited pile on the floor — but at least it’s always in my view, so gets its due attention. During the past four years the study has housed over thirty titles from authors and illustrators such as Susanne Gervay, Anna Pignataro, James Roy, Alyssa Brugman, Gary Crew and David Miller. I’ve also written many books from here — possibly forty over the past eleven years. These include Wardragon, the fourth book in The Jelindel Chronicles, The Hiveborn, book three in The Earthborn Wars, the entire Grrym trilogy (in collaboration with Danny Willis) and the first book, The Spell of Undoing, in the new Quentaris series. The speakers agency side of Ford Street, Creative Net, also gets organised from here.

On the desk is mostly flotsam, such as receipts (I really should file them the moment I get them, but don’t), unread manuscripts, publishing schedules (on the stand), Ford Street titles, and the usual lamp, phone, computer, printer, etc.

I love huge surface areas from which to work. I can guillotine paper on my desk, do mail outs — you name it. I just shove stuff aside and away I go. I bought the desk from an import shop that was closing down. Most of their stock came from Indonesia. It’s a solid table. Don’t ask me how much it weighs but it’s a mongrel to shift. And it doesn’t come apart for easy removal.

My study also houses every book and short story I’ve written. That shelf on the right has over 140 magazines, journals and anthologies that contain my fiction and articles. Opposite, out of the shot, is a shelf full of books I’ve either published or written.


Paul’s latest books are:
The Glasshouse (illustrated by Jo Thompson) 2010
Mole Hunt, book #1 in The Maximus Black Files (2011).

You can see more of Paul’s publishing at Ford Street Publishing and do check out his own website.

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