Look at my Desk! Prue Mason

This is fantastic discovering new snippets of information abouat my friends. Let me introduce you to Prue Mason who has just about the HIGHEST creating place of any writer that I know!


My Creating Place is a light filled room so high up I can see the world spread out below. The only furniture in my room is my white feather-down chaise-lounge that¹s as soft as cloud to lie on. Oh, yes, and there is a small desk where my secretary sits and types up and then edits the stories I dictate to her. When I¹m tired from all this strenuous activity I call for my masseuse to knead away those knots and Dream on.

Yep, this creative space is just in my head. Or at least the cloud-like chaise lounge, the secretary and the masseuse bit are but I¹m not kidding about the light filled room high in the sky. I¹m writing this from an aeroplane just leaving Brazil.

My husband is a pilot and I¹ve spent many hours of my life gritty-eyed, bone achingly tired and jet lagged, strapped into a small, hard seat of an aeroplane breathing in recycled air or waiting around on even harder seats at airports around the world. I¹ve had to learn how to switch off and escape to my own special space in my head and actually do some work or deadlines would never have been met.

On this trip I¹m doing the last bit of editing on my latest book for Penguin¹s Chomps series about, would you believe, a girl pilot.


Find Prue on the web here.

Her latest title out right now!
Birdie in the Sky, Chomps series; Penguin Books.

Recent titles include:
Camel Rider, Penguin Books

Destination Abudai, Penguin Books

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