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So, for this look into Creating Spaces we are welcomed to the desk of the wonderful Doug Macleod. He is shortlisted in this year’s CBC Awards for his wonderful fun read The Life of a Teenage Body-snatcher. I loved this book.
Doug is great … so read on!


at the desk

This is the room where I write. Believe it or not, the rest of the house is tidy. This room is off limits to everyone but me.

The tangle of cables is not aesthetic but makes perfect sense to me. All of my reference books are behind me, on those wire shelves you can just see. I have a Macquarie dictionary, thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, style directory, world atlas and encyclopedias of art, music, medicine, biography and history. I’ve had them for years, even though I tend now to resort to Wikipedia when I need to know how many children Queen Victoria had, or which country has the most sheep. (The answers are nine and China.) You can see my spectacles resting on top of one of my notebooks, next to the printer. If I’m away from my desk and I happen to get an idea for a story, I jot it down. I’m the only person who can decipher my handwriting, so my ideas are perfectly safe.

My book, The Life of a Teenage Body-snatcher, was written in this room, during a particularly hot Melbourne summer. A minor disaster occurred. My desk used to have a very stylish glass top, but it decided to shatter one day. Fortunately, nobody was hurt and the computer survived. But the floor was covered in little cubes of glass. Since I was judging a story contest at the time, I had manuscripts all over the place, many of which had to be carefully vacuumed. That wooden desktop you can see is a cupboard door that I bought at Ikea. It’s proved more reliable than glass.

I like to start writing at about seven o’clock in the morning. At nine I get some exercise, then I get back to writing, pausing briefly for lunch. I live in St Kilda so there are excellent cake and pie shops all over the place, hence the need for regular exercise.


Ah –┬áthe need for good shops nearby. Thanks for this Doug … keep up the exercise.

Doug’s latest title
The Life of a Teenage Body-snatcher

Doug’s website is here. Go and visit where you can even find out about another side of Doug’s life – his writing for TV and heaps more!!!

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