Look at my Desk! Meredith Costain

And now for the desks of Meredith Costain. She is another creator who likes to spread out. One desk just isn’t enough! Of course Meredith isn’t in this snap of her Creating Space … but her companions are.


My study isn’t the tidiest of places but it has everything in it I need to write.

I work at two old second-hand desks that have been joined together so I can spread my stuff out comfortably across them. There are shelves full of notebooks and folders that contain ideas, drafts and research material (I write both fiction and non-fiction) and several bookcases full of – books! Some of the props I use for school visits (such as the dogs and cat from Bed Tails) live on top of my filing cabinet and others wait quietly in cupboards, ready to spring into action.

I also have another old leather-topped table I’ve had since I was a student, which is great for storing ‘overflow’. My (real!) cat Harriet often sleeps and dreams on top of this and my dogs Jack and Molly in a basket underneath. Dogs just like to be with you, whatever you’re doing.

The artwork above my desk comes from some of my books. There are illustrations from Musical Harriet by Craig Smith, the cover of Oliver’s Egg by Margaret Power, and a drawing to celebrate the release of Get a Life with Freddy and Fifi, by Leigh Hobbs. Outside the window is a sunny north-facing courtyard with goldfish in an old bath-tub and fruit trees full of (noisy!) possums and birds. It’s an old house so my study is often full of spiders and even the odd gecko. It’s a lovely place to work

and I couldn’t not add this photo that Meredith sent. Companions are very very important.

Meredith’s latest titles are:
My Life in the Wild: Cheetah
My Life in the Wild: Penguin

Dance Academy: Tara – Learning to Fly

Recent books:
Bed Tails,
Rosie and Ned and the Creepy Cave,
A Year in Girl Hell

And don’t forget ot see Meredith’s website.

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