St Monica’s Star

Some months ago the teacher librarian from St Monica’s Primary School in Richmond, Leanne Duval, dropped me an email asking about my picture book One child and whether they could adapt it for a stage presentation – OF COURSE was my response and I am sooooo thrilled that i did.
Last night I tripped out to Panthers to see that presentation as part of the diocese’s Creative Arts – One Child Can Make A Difference expo. I made it there just in time to see the opening act which was St Monica’s and of course I had my camera ready to take snaps of the stars in action but there with a request for no photos this one below is all I could snap. But they have promised to send me the recording of the production.

Goosebumps covered my arms throughout the performance. It was a wonderful production with the words being read, (and if you know my book there are not too many words), and then each action being dramatised on stage to wonderful musical accompaniments and with terrific costumes that included, bees, turtles and frogs. There was cleaning and protesting and many more actions to accompany the text – all adapted from my book of course! And I was mentioned more than a few times!
Afterwards I was able to nip out the back to the ‘green‘ room to see and chat with the crew. How much fun.
It truly is a buzz seeing your work presented in such a wonderful format.
CONGRATS St. Monica’s.

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