Ipswich kids lit festival – Day 1

It’s early morning in Woodlands – I know that now but not when I first woke. A few beams of light were peeking through the shutters, a lone peacock was honking, more feathered creatures were chirping and announcing their morning’s arrival with their wake up calls and then – they stopped as the rain began to trickle on the bush leaves and the grasses outside. Surrounded by nature I am … and then the fridge in the room kicked in! Ah well, there goes nature … at least I slept through it most of the night.

SO today the festival begins.
It is a thrill in this wonderful setting perched on a hill, with valleys and dirt tracks and trees all around. Some energetic bodies went for early morning runs (it was raining folks, you’ll get wet) while others of us crawled out of bed and faced the breakfast feast. With three session a day for each presenter this is an excellent festival to attend. I was eased gently into the festival, only two sessions today!
Hi to the kids from Rosewood. Working with the kids is great fun and a real joy … especially when they decide to get really creative – with their writings and their questions.

Of course the festival for us is also about catching up with folks — including this bag of ruffians, Michael Bauer, Sherryl Gwynther, Christine Bongers, and Oliver.

And like any good kids lit festival there has to be a bookstore:

and where are my books? Right here …. and some I have signed already!

And after a hard day of speaking to the throngs what is better than unwinding with a game of pool as Lucia Mascuillo demonstrates so brilliantly. She missed.

Of course when a call was made around the dinner table for illustrations for a charity auction for Breast Cancer nothing could stop the talent from oozing out as ably demonstrated by Leigh Hobbs, Anne Spudvilas and Greg Holfield!

Day one is DONE!

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  1. HI Chris, thought I’d better let you know the right way to spell my name, haha, Sheryl Gwyther. 🙂

    Sheryl Gwyther September 12, 2011 at 10:04 pm Reply

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