Ipswich kids lit festival – Day 10

Ipswich kids literature festival 2011 for me (and the other presenters) is now done and dusted!

The fianl day was spent for a few of us at Ipswich Grammar or for the lucky 4 – Leigh Hobss, Tracy Batts, Sarah Davis and me of course out at Esk … about 40+ kms further out from Ispwich and past the Wyvenhoe Dam that flooded in January … it was easy to see the water levels on the trees and the surrounding landscape. Esk was a blast.

A quick group shot though before we departed:

and one last snap of the Mansion – and I didn’t see a ghost!
I most definitely had the best of the venues at Esk. My three session with the schools were at the local library (this too was flooded to shelf level two) and my sessions just happened to be in the council rooms – and YES I had to grab a photo of me sitting in the mayoral chair being very mayoral with my books and laptop nearby.
I must add that Sounds Spooky has had a roaring reception in the schools where I have presented it. They love me telling the story – and of course hardly any of the kids can imagine what Sarah has created with her glorius illustrations. And I do receive a delightful buzz when I surprise the kids (and the adults) as I read the book. Loved the schools out here Ipswich way. Great questions and so much fun and they all joined in the reading of Sounds Spooky. The Esk forlk also do a great lunch – we were NOT wanting of food this festival. The local paper snapped heaps of shots during my first session and I also did a radio interview with 2ST (Southern Highlands) during the lunch break. Busy busy busy ….
One last group shot (with Esk folk too) before we head for the airport … notice the very mayoral feet on the bench!

Thanks Esk for a ripper time out your way and to Jenny Stubbs who organised the whole Ipswich Literature Festival. What a blast … now if only I had a voice with which to speak. Ah well … visual communication for a few days – or maybe notes on paper!!

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