Ipswich kids lit festival – Day 2

Oh it was a late night of chatting and gossiping and “chewing the fat” but this morning it was all go … we were totally sparking on three and a half cylinders ready for Day 2 of the Festival.

The morning’s here are just gorgeous – crystal clear today and crisp – I am sure it would have been warmer in sydney but by my last session this afternoon a few of us were sitting on one of the many verandahs soaking up the sun’s rays and just relaxing.

My first two sessions today were out at Brassall State School (hey year two — thanks for the great smiles and I hope you enjoy your writing fun in the classrooms this afternoon and onwards!) This school was caught in the January floods and in the snap below I am pointing to a blue line. This is the height of the waters that invaded library and as you can see from the shelves nearby, that means the collection went under water.

As as a result no books remained so now with heaps of vols the library folk are getting the donated books accessioned and onto shelves … but there is an awfully long way to go.
And then I looked up to see this – must be a water snake!

This afternoon was back to Woodlands for my final session of the day and this time I was in the CHAPEL! And no I wasn’t giving a wedding lesson!

So far at this festival I have spoken in a haunted house that has a resident ghost (tonight we are going on a ghost tour of the Mansion after dinner) and a chapel. I wonder what will be my next venue?

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