Ipswich kids lit festival – Day 4

SO – Thursday is over.
Lots of action and activities happening at the festival including Monkey Baa theatre performing Susanne Geray’s I Am Jack under the marquee.
Today I was in at Ipswich Civic Centre presenting to a few hundered kiddies from Prep to Grade 3 from St Mary’s, Haigslea, Sacred Heart, and IESS. Lots of fun telling stories and the asking of questions … and that one perenial question has popped up again (its a common one with the littlies) – how long IS your hair?
I should list some of the other terrific creative folks who are here … roll call please:

Gus Gordon
James Moloney
Tristan Bancks
Richard Newsome
Mark Wilson
Narelle Oliver
John Heffernan
Deb Abela
Tanya Batt
Meredith Costain
Angela Sunde
Sue Whiting
Brian Falkner

It really is a thrill spending the days and nights with these folks feasting, chatting, walking, drinking, pooling, yahtzeeing, ghost finding and a whole lot more.
I have made a quick trip back to Sydney and so caught the shuttle to the airport after my sessions … and the shuttle just happened to be the same one that the wonderful Sarah Davis took earlier in the day (I know because her name was still on the airport pick-up card) on her way to the festival – see you in a few days Sarah.
But the catching up did not stop there … Gus was also returning to Sydney and arrived at the aiport a short while after I did. Then who did we bump into on our flight to Sydney Tobhy Riddle who was returning from the Brisbane Writer’s Festival. It was terrif to see him as well.
…. the creative folk are on the move!
More from Ipswich soon.

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