Ipswich kids lit festival – Day 6 – evening

SO day 5 and 6 I was back in Sydney but as has oft been announced – I have returned, and just in time for Saturday night’s festival dinner in the Big Marquee. The festival theme, in honour of the wonderful Jeannie Baker and her book Mirror, was Moroccan. As I only just made it in time (traffic delays out of Brisbane due to horses and men chasing and football) I didn’t have time to adorn myself in appropriate costume but many other folks were appropriately attired – as these snaps will show.


Is that you Oliver Phommavanh?

Jeannie and Jenny

The stage was also dressed in theme … but Meredith Costain and I decided it needed testing so here are a few snaps I’ve called “Before, During, After” – all self explanatory.

Lots of frivolity with authors and illustrators having fun! And my planned early night … didn’t become so early – although it was early compared to some!!!

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