Ipswich kids lit festival – Day 7

This weekend (Friday to Sunday) has been operating as a separate programme attached to the festival and as an adult programme. This morning began with breakfast in the marquee with a panel of two, myself and Tristan Bancks discussing the topic ITS A DIGITAL WORLD and our involvement in that world. This was chaired by Poppy Masselos from the Courier Mail.
We prattled on for what did NOT (I repeat) did not seem like ages, and folks even said it wasn’t long, when all of a sudden we were running over time and I had barely begun.
At least I was able to mention my first website which was built LAST CENTURY and the first email that I received through the website that was from a kid who said “your website sux”. And blogs, and communication with a digital audience and digi promotion.
Of course I chatted about Book Trailers (although didn’t get time to show the awesome Sounds Spooky trailer) and how librarians can use boo trailers to move books, and I did mention PaddleDuck and my involvement there.
And question time – well that really didn’t eventuate too much, except for the discussion on the disappearance of teacher librarians and what can be done – which. in my opinion, includes self advocacy … even though not everyone agreed with me.
During this time too a few minutes were grabbed for a special presentation. My lovely friend Deb Abela had been plotting and planning for a few nights. So with a card drawn by Gus Gordon and a bundle of books inscribed and given by us creative types, she and Sheryl presented to Jenny the gift. Just delightful.

the morning panel gathering

Lunchtime was he launch of the BookLinks travelling suitcases exhibition taking suitcases of five Queensland authors and illustrators to outlying Queensland schools, with samples of their works, and for the illustrators samples of their creative materials. A great idea.

a travelling suitcase

the lunchtime food queue

And then the rest of the day was a bit of Rest and relaxation with lunch thrown in the middle. Lotsa fun.

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