Ipswich kids lit festival – Day 8

Heading down the home stretch now … and what was the big news for today? Those wonderful Aussie reptiles of the brown snake variety, were spotted on the path to the lower cabins. Thank goodness I dwell up here in the prestige block! I don’t mind reptiles … at least when I see them i want to be there in the zoo!

So today, three more sessions with local children up in a room in the Mansion. Not in any of the ghostly rooms though, but I could still tell the ghostly stories of the house.

And it was a thrill to be given a copy of the Glenore Gazette from Mr Thompson’s Year 6/7 class at Glenore Grove State School. The current gazette contains not only school news but also poetry creations by the class. And in my copy of the gazette the students have all signed their own poems. That was WONDERFUL. Thanks so much year 6/7. Be really proud of your interpretation of CJ Dennis’ work. Keep up the great writing and I hope you all had fun and went away with lots and lots and heaps of ideas.
And greetings too to the year 6/7 students from Glamorgan Vale State School. Hope you too grabbed lots of ideas.

And tonight, why it is way early. The clock hasn’t even chimed 9 and I am back here having dined excellently (again) and eaten way way too much (again) and completing this note before getting ready to retire – early for once!

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