Ipswich kids lit festival – Day 9

Well this IS the home stretch … just three sessions to go and then we  are done for the 2011 Ipswich Kids Lit Festival.

Day 9 for me had another three session in the Mansion with some of the smaller school – absolutely great fun. And of course it was the usual chit chatting about my works BUT … only for part of my first session. Mid way through one of the kids spied a snake crawling along the outside verandah roof and twining itself in and out of the lace work there. So the rest of my session on writing and kids books became a chit chat on the the glories of reptiles and then more specifically on pythons. but it DID tie in with books … it was a very early promotion for my picture book with Walker next year – Python.

But that wasn’t the only wildlife spotted. Last night, on retiring to our rooms after dinner we spotted, a RAT, no a POSSUM, no it’s one of those – who knows what. Well it was this:

Yep. Not a ghost, or an apparition of any other sort. This is just a poor photograph of what was probably a bandicoot of some description (its got a bandicoot like nose and it bounced around a bit). Don’t blame me … the light was non existent (mostly) and it was very hard to even see where the blob of the creature was sitting on the grass.

Interestingly though for one of my session, one of the volunteers came in and opened a window because of the musty / stuffy / kids / smokey smell in the room. I hadn’t noticed it before in my first lesson for the day or in the sessions yesterday but then I remembered there is a ghost in the house that leaves his smokey smell when visiting a room! Maybe…….

So it was also a quiet affair at dinner tonight. Just one table of diners and for the final day of the festival we are all offsite. Sarah Davis, Leigh Hobbs, Meredith Costain, Tanya Batts and I are all travelling to Esk – about an hour away from here.

And then we are all Homeward bound.

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