Ipswich kids lit festival in Summary

Well, Ipswich Kids lit festival 2011 is done and dusted
I gave a few workshops and presented many sessions chatting about books and me and of course SOUNDS SPOOKY – amazingly (yes I still think it is amazing) that SOUNDS SPOOKY was sold out in a few days! 
So, here is the week in summary:
Number of :
  • kilometres flown by Virgin Australia: 3960 kms (two trips)
  • kilometres driven: 323 kms
  • hours spent travelling: 19 hrs 30 mins (or soemthing like that!)
  • schools who visited my sessions: 28
  • school I visited: 2
  • sessions presented: 25
  • panels presented: 1
  • children I spoke to: more than 1000
  • times I answered the question What is your favourite book?: at least 15
  • times I showed my new picture book created with Sarah Davis: 25 … and then more in the book shop and sitting outside when exclaimed “oh YOU wrote that!”
  • number of breakfast, lunches and dinners consumed: 24
  • number of afternoon teas and morning teas: 17
  • number of snacks: too many to mention.
  • number of brown snakes spotted: NONE (although I was told to about one)
  • numer of tree pythons spotted: one
  • number of ghosts seen: NONE (although I am reliably informed that there are a few in the mansion!)
Some new(er) questions:
Q = How long is your hair?
A = “This long” I say turning around.

Q = What is your favourite team? (this one was consistently asked … they must like sport up here!)

A = Team of what?

and then following my answer which was the question

Q = Sports team?

Old Favourites:

Q = What is your favourite book
A = Two favourites – Night reatures and Sounds Spooky … for the moment.
Q = How much money do you make?
A = Not enough.

Q = Where do you live?

A = Sydney

… and now we are done.
Thanks Ipswich and Esk and the Ipswich District Teacher Librarian Network and the wonderful Jenny Stubbs.


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