Ipswich kids lit festival – the arrival

You’re not in Sydney any more Christopher …
And that is right.

Now I am in Ipswich – or at Woodlands of Marburg to be precise. Tomorrow beings the 9th Ipswich kids Literature Festival organised by the terrific Jennie Stubbs. What a magical place this is … as these quick snaps will show.

After arriving throughout the afternoon a group of us went for a stroll though the fields …

… with cow pats, grasses, fences, gates with hooks, gates without hooks, beautiful hills and such wonderful sights as the bull ant mounds (we were deciding who would be the first to stand there). 

And then we came across this glove, which posed some interesting possibilities as proposed by the authors who were present. 

And I have been reliably informed that there is a ghost here – somewhere in this mansion … and guess who is giving talks in the mansion over the next few days. Just perfect for a picture book called Sounds Spooky! 

It was great catching up with a few of the folk I haven’t seen for yolks, including Leigh Hobbs, Andy Griffiths (yes to the kids at OLQP – the one who is on your shortlist for this year’s voting … he says to say HI!), Mark Wilson, John Heffernan … and then folks whose books I have admired and populate my bookshelf like, Anne Spudvilas, Greg Holfield,  Sally Rippin, Gabrielle Wang and more. Then of course the others I see in Sydney and who I just enjoy hanging around with – Deb Abela, Sue Whiting, Oliver Phomenavah,  

Finally there was dinner (duck entre and chicken main) – we are well catered for in food! which was completed with a cake for Andy’s birthday. 

The festival blog is here (http://ipswichkidslitfest.blogspot.com)
And so now let the festival begin …

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