Look at my Desk! Samantha Berger

Oh I am sooooo thrilled to be able to introduce you to the Creating Space of (if you don’t already know) my lovely friend Samantha Berger. Sam wrote the absolutely delightful Martha books (illustrated by Bruce Whatley. See Bruce’s creative place here). She lives in the USA and I don’t see her often enough, which really is the case with most of my non Aussie friends.



It’s my work space at work, and here I am working in it! This was my old office at good ol’ cable Television’s Nickeolodeon in New York City.

In this office, I wrote the PSA “Breakfast Time,” promo campaigns for SpongeBob and Dora the Explorer, and the Emmy Nominated Fabulous Flatulence. It was in these years I wrote the story MARTHA DOESN’T SAY SORRY, illustrated by Bruce Whatley, so this space is extra special to me. I wrote tons of children’s television and made up tons of children’s stories, while I had this office. It was a special place.

When I moved in, it was a boring corporate space, facing a hotel in Times Square, FECH! So I decided to cover it from floor to ceiling with the things that made me happy: Simpsons dolls, my signed “Stay Moist” SpongeBob from Tom Kenny, Polaroid photos of all my co-workers with captions. It became a whimsical wonderland and an inspirational paradise! Every kid who came to visit Nick, came to see my office, give the gumball machine a go, and check out the toy collection. (Psst! Big secret, there are STILL toys hidden in the ceiling!)

I think, anywhere I’ve worked in the world, from NY to California to Sydney, Australia, I’ve always created a work space that looks a good deal like this one. You’d know my office ANYWHERE!

That surely is a grand place to play (oops I mean work)! Thanks to Sam heaps and heaps for letting us peek inside her creative space. I did get to catch upmwith Sam in teh USA at the recent scbwi conference. Don’t believe me? Then check us out on my website here.

Samantha’s latest books:
Martha Doesn’t Say Sorry
Martha Doesn’t Share, both illustrated by Bruce Whatley (Little, Brown).

Samantha’s next book is CRANKENSTEIN! illustrated by Dan Santat (2012, Little, Brown).

Discover MORE about Sam on the web here (or www.samanthaberger.com)

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