Book Week done and dusted …

 … and so is Literacy Week! Actually this is a late post (another one) and should have been dropped up a few days ago. I had intended to post all throughout book week / literacy week but I was too wrecked by the time I returned home most nights to do some computing so here is a little summary post instead.


Well, Book Week is done and dusted for another year. I think that for more than 20 years I have been doing Book Week gigs. Whereever I have been in the world I have made sure that I am home for Book Week. Vitally important it is!

I had a thrill at all the schools – I even had my name up on the outdoor school notice board at Oyster Bay Primary School.

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This year the sessions were mostly on me, my writing and ideas … and of course the telling of the brand new picture book – SOUNDS SPOOKY! At St Lukes, I just happened to spend a bit of my lunch chatting with the students involved in the Write a Book in a Day competition — see the website: ( where twenty-five students from Years 7-10 participated. In three separate teams, they wrote, illustrated, edited and published books suitable for 10-14 Year Olds. They were given characters, setting and certain words to be included. Students were at school from 8am until 8pm working hard and there was a definite buzz all around the library. Their finished books will be placed in the Westmead Children’s Hospital Library, as well as the School library.

I also tripped up to Newcastle library visiting the folks up there … awesome fun! They initiated the Ten Minutes a Day Programme reading to the littlies … just glorious. Check it out if you need reading ideas and help. I loved the displays and the sense of fun and the excitement on all the faces – big and little. And of course telling my stories … nothing could be better.

Here is the week in summary:

Number of :

  • kilometres driven: 605 kms
  • hours spent driving: 11hrs 12 mins
  • schools who attended: 12 (including 6 who were at Newcastle and Wallsend libraries)
  • sessions presented: 18
  • children I spoke to: more than 1000
  • times I answered the question how old are you?: at least 15
  • times I showed my new picture book created with Sarah Davis: 18 … and then a few more in the staff room.

Some new(er) questions:
Q = When will you stop writing?
A = Never … or at least not that I will know about it, and as long as folks keep wanting to buy my books.

Q =  Why don’t you write books with girl characters?
A = I don’t know. Probably bcuase I think like a boy who is still 9 or 10. (And that means I had better create a book with a girl character … although Sounds Spooky does have a few female characters – thanks to Sarah.)

Old Favourites:
Q = How old are you?
A = old enough!

Q = how much money do you earn?
A = not enough!

Q = How do you come up with ideas?
A = watching you and all the people around me.

Q = What was your favourite book as a child?

A = CS Lewis and teh narnia titles

So – that’s it for Book Week 2011. Great time. Lotsa fun … and more to come!

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