Surry Hills Library and a Spooky Holiday activity

The first Tuesday of the holidays was time for Sarah and me to do a gig at Surry Hills library talking about Sounds Spooky (you know, that picture book that is out of stock in the warehouse) and then also having some holiday activity fun … writing spooky stories with me and modelling spooky creatures with Sarah. Completed models were also photographed in the mansion or on some of the Sounds Spooky backdrops so the kids rolled home with a spooky story, spooky models and photographs (teaching idea folks)
Thanks to the library folk who put together the gig, to Dot our publicist, and also to the mums and dads for rocking along with your kids.  We had a blast – see:

us in action

discussing our stories

discussing the modelling

artists and writers at work

modelled spooky creature on teh mansion steps

completed work!

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