Look at my Desk! Serena Geddes

Welcome to the Creating Space of a lovely friend Serena Geddes. Serena lives in Sydney and is a regular at our SCBWI gatherings. She has been powering away creating illustrations for many books of late which is amazing considering it seems that the last picture she has included has water views – very distracting I say!

Anyway … read on for more of Serena:

So this is my creative space, I realized it looks pretty neat which is not usually how I work, but the last 2 projects I have created on the computer (Toilet Time for Boys and Toilet Time for Girls) I’m a traditional illustrator so in the midst of a book there will be paint, brushes, paper towel and random pages sprawled all over the floor… I seem to think better that way. On my desk, my ancient Wacom tablet (yikes) hot off the press copies of Totally Twins – Tropical Trouble, my morning coffee (an absolute must) my I luv NY cup/pen holder from my visit to SCBWI conference this year and a mash of paper with things I should be doing.

Above my shelves I have a snippets of artist’s designs pegged on my mini line for those days when I am in need of inspiration and books by my favorites (also brilliant reference material) Mick Inkpen, Gus Gordon, SMK, Tina Burke, Anna Walker and Sarah Davis.

In an attempt to get organized I created this new wall, which is yet to be completed with things I am working on, where I am going and what I want to achieve.

I am not sure the relevance of me ridding a bicycle, but one day I hope to work with these guys.

My desk is a simple fold up l table I picked up from an Op Shop so I am unaware of its previous adventures, I’d like to think its been on a cruise through the Caribbean at least once in its life.


I wonder how many fokks “clean up” their creating space for these inside looks? Still think her window view would ba a major distraction!

Serenas latest titles

‘Totally Twins – Tropical Trouble’ New Frontier Publishing
‘Lily’s Wish List’ New Frontier Publishing
‘Toilet Book for Boys’ The Five Mile Press
‘Toilet Book for Girls’ The Five Mile Press

And now you can jump right in to see more of Serena at her website here (www.reeni.com.au)

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