Missing Schools

Sorry MET school Condobolin and also Parkes Christian School … I missed adding you to the gathering  CAP road trip posts, not because we didn’t love seeing you guys but because I was distracted by food and bright lights.

So here is a quick catch up.
Sarah and I had the most thrilling time with the students at MET Condobolin – which was made all the pleasant after the rather rough motel night (see previous post). This is a small school so we ended up working with many of the grades and what a joy it was for me seeing the older kids and the younger kids working together writing their stories and poems. Words, phrases, thoughts and ideas were suggested by both old and young. AND there are now lots and lots of creations with the farm as the central theme appearing in my workshops now. Some wonderfully creative kids here at this school.

And a drive to Parkes found us at Parkes Christian School. Students from grades 3-6 rolled in this time and again, many great story ideas from a country perspective and a few delightful poems too. It is a amazing to think that we can spend three hours creating poems and stories and at the end of this all the students have work to contribute to the collection!

For me then it was a weekend back in Sydney before the next town that I was sure I would never return to …

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