road Trip part 2 – day 1 – evening

I forgot to add tonight’s dining experience …

One of the less than fun things to do on the trip is decide what to do for dinner. Some evenings we have rolled in to town and all the dining establishments have been CLOSED and at many the food has been nice but not worthy of taking photographs (as I like to do).

But tonight … that was a different matter. We asked a few folk and suggestions included the local Bowling / RSL / Golf etc clubs but that really didn’t work for me (ooh … Chinese anyone?) Instead we stumbled across the GLOBE Hotel (202 Cressy Street for anyone interested). If you are passing through this way then you MUST dine here … the food was delectable.

It started with the most mouth watering damper, light and soft on the inside and light and not crusty or crumbly on the outside (it simply melted in the mouth) with three different butters to spread!

Our main a Surf and Turf that was a treat. The surf was delicious and the turf was perfectly cooked, easy to eat and dripping with a lightly herbed creamy dill sauce with vegetables cooked to my likeness (soft!)

And I forgot to snap the deserts – we shared one chocolate pudding and one sticky date pudding, both with ice cream.

This was a dinner worth writing about!

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