Road Trip part 2 – day 1

So here we go at our first school for part 2 and thanks to the junior school kids from Deniliquin Christian School for having us there. The junior school was spilt into two groups and we had a gathering of kids from kindergarten to year 6 in each group. That sure made for interesting sessions – it was wonderful to see the older students helping the younger ones. And for the first time on our trip around some stories and art work are appearing with horses and farms prominent. My writers created some lovely work that included a fact file on the life of a kangaroo, as well as dream and dragon stories and a tory about a wished for horse called Bella. We MUST be right out in the country now! Sarah has the art work and I have the writing added to the accumulating file. It certainly is growing.

my silent writers

Had to add this snap of Sarah’s girls hard at work on their travel journals … and this was at the beginning of their session before i had even started.

One of the advantages of the tour is getting to have a quick look at the local environment. Nature is just glorious and I do love sights like these from the country. It was so very peaceful and tranquil standing by the river.

amazing twists

wonderful reflections

This wonderful natural specimen below suddenly appeared, not swimming from the watery surrounds but delivered to the water’s edge in an Australia Post crate. Someone had collected it (not a very legal thing to do anyway) somewhere out on a run but it was too big to be kept as a pet (that was the plan) so it was deposited here. He (I think – although i didn’t get to look close enough at his shell to determine the absolute sex) spent a while checking out the surroundings before swimming off to the depths of the river.

So that is Deni. Nice little slice of country New South Wales. Now on to Condobolin.

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