road Trip part 2 – find me accommodation

Well that is what was our final task for Wednesday, to travel from, (where have we been, oh yes) from Deniliquin to Condobolin – a short trip of 450+ kms. Quite a fine drive it was with a few sightseeing spots along the way and then we heard the voice of our sat nav alerting us that we had arrived at our destination. There are not a great range of motels to choose from here in Condo – two that we can find – and it just so happened the one that was chosen for us had a slight Hitchcockian feel about it – it had a slight smell about it, a little like rotten flesh (possibly fishy) that had been masked with deodoriser that had been poured all over the source. Two minutes we were in reception and that was all it took for our clothes to absorb the odours …
“What’s that smell?” one of the girls asked as Sarah stumbled into the car.
“What’s that smell?” I quizzled as i opened the door to my motel room.
“What’s that smell?” they said in unison as they entered the miniscule room – by which time i had turned up on the door step, bag in hand exclaiming “I am NOT staying here.”

And that was our length of stay at our first motel. Quickly, it was a ring around to locate the ‘other’ condo motel and arrange a night’s stay. It was a combination of room deodoriser, air freshener, and insect repellant (“and Mr Sheen?” questioned the receptionist) when Sarah told her that we were leaving.

Whatever it was, it smelled toxic, and was enough to send my head in a spin and make the hairs on my body stand on end, stick in the throat and basically just made us ensure that were going to sleep in the car if there was no other accommodation in town.


And I am now finishing this after a restful sleep, two nights later. The second motel turned out to be a little rugged too. I woke yesterday morning feeling as though i had been caught in a fumigator (not that I know what being caught in a fumigator is like but i can imagine) after a night of inhaling whatever was surrounding my bed. Maybe it was the pillow, or the bed, or the mouse bait that I discovered hiding behind the bedside table …

bait and not a good cleaning job either

I am not sure what it was. but do know that the throat and chest yesterday were very sore and raw!
and whoever decided that Mission Brown was a good colour!

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