road Trip part 2 – in BOURKE

Yes we are definitely here and today was a visit to Koinonia Christian Academy and 13 fun kids. Was fun meeting you all. Sorry that we couldn’t share our picture book Sounds Spooky with you. And alas, my camera had a flat battery so I don’t have any photos to add but I will most definitely pinch one of Sarah’s if I can later.


I thought that it was pretty impressive me crossing the levee bank and making my foray into town but I went one better this afternoon. While Sarah and the girls went paddle steaming on the Darling I tripped out to grab a snap of where I used to live (I kicked up a stink when I was thrown into the women’s housing accommodation where I lasted for a while before getting into this place, straight after it was built … we didn’t even have grass it was that new!)

33 Green Street, back apt.

and also to Bourke Public School right next door, where I was based as District Relief Teacher for two and one third years (that was 2 1/3 years … a long long time!). A few of the workers from my days here are still there. It was absolutely a buzz to spend the afternoon catching up with Mel – don’t forget to let me know when you are next in the ‘real world’.

It was all hauntingly familiar walking into through the doors. I thought that i had blocked it all out of my mind but … nope! I knew exactly where the office and the rooms were! I even knew where the toilet was located. And talking of haunting what does one do at twilight on Halloween when one can’t spook all the trick or treaters in the local neighbourhood? One pays a call to the local final resting place …

… until the mossies started to eat me – at least I think they were mossies.

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