Road Trip part 2

There is a WiIlie Nelson song that includes the line:
On the road again … and guess what, I am.

After a total of 10.5 hours of travelling, first on this:

my mum lived in this town so I HAD to grab this station shot.

and then on this:

I finally arrived, totally stuffed, in Deniliquin here in country NSW to resume the CAP programme that Sarah and I have been travelling for. I have decided that travel by rail in the fashion that I have just endured, is for the oldies. Well it must be … I was just about the youngest in my train carriage. BUT I did create a pretty good poem as we were clicketty clacketty travelling along the line. My brain (and head and stomach) though was so churned up there was absolutely NO creating on the coach.

It was great to see Sarah and the girls again – especially as they arrived just in the nick of time to save me from being swamped by a swarm (can one be swamped by a swarm) of little bothersome flies.

SO now to the next bunch of schools.

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