Road Trip – travelling and day 1

Where are Chris and Sarah (the Davis one of sound spooky fame)?
They are on a CAP (Country Area Programme) coordinated by Lateral Learning travelling to a bunch of schools on the south coast of New South Wales. Sarah of course is conducting art workshops while I am running writing workshops – obviously, and it is just as well that I am not doing the illustrations ones!

So – Yesterday we travelled from Sydney through to Pambula, where we are based for the week. A nice (what’s nice? easy, pleasant, smooth) drive down the Princes Highway occasionally getting glimpses of the ocean and cruising through gorgeous old towns and saving young echidnas from becoming road kill.

Sarah and Nikau shuffling the youngster into the scrub

We rolled in to town well after dark, wondering if there would be any places open to eat and found just a lone Pizza Shop for evening sustenance … thankfully!
Today we began at Thomas More Montessori School in Bega. And to the poor gentleman whose house we invaded first (we had the old school address) we do heartily apologise. Thankfully we were not toooo early!
Hey Kids at Thomas More lovely to meet you and great to see you and keep enjoying creating!

And this shot I added just for the beauty of the tree.

Next stop another Bega school.

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