WHAT no Chopsticks?

Well a bunch of years ago … about 20 … I said no one would ever see me cross the LEVEE Bank again. It’s a long long LONG way from the bright lights and the big smoke but I have returned (have I really or is this a figment of my imagination for some grave misdemeanour and if so what the heck did I do that was THAT bad)!

And here is the photo to prove it …

Noooooooo! Not the levee bank

Yes the next school on the road trip just happens to be here in Bourke and some things never change …¬†We rolled in to town, did a 30 second burst down the main street and then found our way to the motel in North Bourke – right on dinner time and it seems some things don’t change. The Bowling Club is still here and guess what we dined on –¬†CHINESE food. It was the only place open for dinner. And all I can say is that there is nothing like country Chinese dining! Ah sweet mystery!

Oh so not Chinese and ….

the entrance

a cup of green tea in a china cup?

I can’t believe I am here!

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