India – Bookaroo is done and dusted

I was in new Delhi. Now I am in Chandigarh.
This afternoon I travelled on the Very Fast Train up here (which just means it skips a lot of stations i think cause I sure is no bullet style train) ready to begin part two of my lightning trip to India.
BUT first .. today was the final day for the Bookaroo festival … and for me it was a blast. the First session was creating the first Bookaroo Community Story. Starting at 11 is still a little early here but we began anyway with a few funny snippets about creating a story, what makes a good story, and parts of story.

Then the creation began. Soon it was building and everyone was getting into the action, creating the sentences and then dramatising a word or two in each sentence. Our story ended up having snakes that talk, and lions that jump onto birthday cakes, and adults who abandoned children and girls crying and boys not too thrilled either and thunder and lightning and much action to boot. This went so thoroughly well.

And then my final Bookaroo session around the storytelling tree was just that … telling the story of Sounds Spooky – soon I will have memorised the whole picture book but for now I still need the book or the musical score or the manuscript to remind me of those few spots i juggle the words. Lots of screams and shouts were created and I apologised profusely to the parents. AND as always happened the screaming of ARGH! went down brilliantly. There was lots of jumping and surprise and general scaredness in the audience participation – as it should be!

Audience participation

Saturday’s session — all about ME

Would I do Bookaroo again … you bet! And hopefully my historical fiction titles will arrive in time if I do! ARGH!

Straight after that it was time for a train trip to Chandigarh – but not before I was stopped as Asha and I were leaving the venue for one last interview¬†… this time all about storytelling and the different forms. That was the third interview for today.

I will add more later on our confrontation (we lost) with the porters and the chaos of the railway statin later but i finish today’s post with a few photos from the train trip …

Delhi Railway Station
It really is called Meals on Wheels

This last train photo for tonight shows me travelling in FIRST class (backwards) holding the rose that is presented to all first class passengers. Our ticket price also includes, food (I think it was food) and tea and juice and complimentary newspapers … oh we also spied a cockroach which is NOT supposed to be part of the FIRST class ticket!!!

YES I was given a rose.

Now for India part 2 coming up!

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