India Day 2 – Bookaroo in the City

This is truly an amazing city.
It is filled with the most stimulating sights and sounds and smells – this really has been a place to get the senses sparking. Well at least for me … mine are truly into overdrive.
Normally I try and drop a quick note to this blog each day of my trips away but this time in India it is a little more fragmented ….

Yesterday (Thursday) I was driven in a taxi (rather different to ours at home) and saw bicycles transporting steel for building sights, autos (rickshaws – three wheeled scooters) laden with 6 passengers when it really should carry just 3, motorcycles transporting what I can only assume was a family of 5 (one child on the fuel tank and two kids squashed between the two adults) cows mooing across a road, pigs snuffling through a rubbish heap right ent to a food stall, dogs and dogs and dogs … and today traffic down the highway that included previously mentioned vehicles and a man riding a horse … don’t believe me – check out the photos.

Will add more on my visit to the High Commission later (do you get the feeling that I am still buzzing at being able to go inside the offices and meet some of the folks … I also had my first media interview in the Commission grounds too. You bet … a kid in a toy shop is me!) but Friday was also my first appearance for Bookaroo, and it was the School Day, so of course the place was flooded with kids.

My first session was Working With All Sorts of Animals – and of course that was relating some of Zoo stories which was interesting when 15 minutes after i started (the session was for one hour) one school left. They were on a very tight schedule and didn’t realise how long the session went for. Then it was off to do an interview that was recorded for TV for Distance Education at Indira Gandhi National Open University. I ll add more on the hair-raising and nerve clinching roads that we travelled on later. I was interviewed By Professor Malati Mathur for two half hour sessions talking about me, my writing, a touch on the politics of the historical books and of course multiculturalism and what it means to be an Australian. Truly fantastic experience … an the broadcast goes ALL OVER INDIA – and further!

And now (Saturday late afternoon in India) I will drop in a few photos here and then prepare for an evening feast and chat wiht Jyoti and a few of the Indian SCBWI folks … yeah to that wonderful connection!

Check out the backdrop!

See … I am here!

Chaos in the Bookstore

Transportation horse style – on the highway!

More from Bookaroo and today’s activities India shortly!

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