India – Part 2 Travelling

I started today in Chandigarh, spent part of it in New Delhi, and now I find myself in Kolkata.
We travelled on the early morning New Delhi express. It seems like only yesterday (or the day before) that we were sitting on the train and, that’s right we were sitting on the train the night before! And here is an early morning snap of the platform … thee critters are roaming all over the place:

and this is sunrise somewhere along the New Delhi Express route:

while this is the breakfast menu and how you get it on the New Delhi Express:

and this is me trying to get a snap of the train with the trip details … the indicator panel would just happen to change right when i pressed the shutter.

while this is the porter who for Rs 250 carried our bags across to the car (yes the blue plated official looking government car) which was waiting in the VIP area, over 15 railway lines and down the side of the station. Better than the rip-off deal we were caught with as we were departing two days prior. These guys must operate like a mafia ring for when we tried to change porters when we left New Delhi (they wanted Rs 500 each to carry ONE bag and that is just totally wrong) no other porter was permitted to approach.

Saw another Bollywood production on the go:

Then after a short respite at the High Commission (I still don’t believe I have been chauffeured around in a government car and that I have been inside the High Commission) it was off to the airport for the next leg of my India with the Australia – India Commission. A little further down the track I will mention more on thee folks. They do an absolutely wonderful job and i have been soooooo well looked after.

Budget airlines are on the go here and this snap shows two – we flew Indigo … and these are my knees being pummelled against the seat back in front. And they really got a belting when the person in front decided to do rapidly recline!

A hair-raising drive in the hotel limo (the driving here is nearly as bad as in New Delhi – how many times did I jump in my seat expecting to be side swiped by a car or truck or scooter!

So, this short entry is done and now I need some sleep.

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