India – Part 2

So today finds this aussie author in Chandigarh attending an 8.30 roll up at Vivek high School in Mohali. What a terrific bunch of kids and I can’t believe the great questions that they asked. I had real trouble being restrained to the one hour chit chat. All of a sudden it was over and first session was done.
Of course I have become attuned to the custom of then heading to the Principal’s Office and having tea and cake. How civilised. What an office I visited. The principal’s desk, the chairs, the bookcase … amazing pieces of wonderfully crafted wooden furniture. And the Principal observed my slight sips of the warm water. She told me not to worry. It was ‘safe’ water. Yes I am being cautious! It seems to that the whole executive of the school squashed into the computer room to my session. They loved my teaching style and interaction with the students – and then I was offered … in all seriousness … a position as a kindergarten teacher at the school. When I declined, with the most acceptable reason that my lovely wife would miss me too much, i was then offered any teaching position – and my wife could come too! And finally i was asked to come back to the school in the afternoon to talk to the teachers. Alas, a day too crammed full with visits. To top all of this waiting at the entrance to the school when I arrived was the most exciting hand crafted posted I have seen featuring me. The kids here have been scouring my website and really have found out so much about me. The students too are so pleasant and so generous with their praise. It really is something rather touching. Its a looooong way to travel to give a talk but this was so very splendid but thee are some of the most beautiful schools i have ever been in. And the staff, they are all very thrilled with their school – and they have a right to be.

squashed into the AV room

the poster of ME

One school done. 10.30 found us down the road (luckily we have a driver taking us all over the place) at St Kabir School. ANd if the first school was amazing this school was stunning. Beautifully attired. Wonderfully pleasant and on my entrance to the auditorium I was in receipt of a standing ovation – and i hadn’t even spoken yet! This school too had completed thorough research and were filled with questions – so many that I couldn’t answer them all but i will … and add them to my website in due course. f course one question stands out … who is my nemesis? Corr! The last school had a poster of me at the entrance, the students created a collage in the hall. I roamed around speaking – they were very impressed that i would, and that I could! And again, we concluded with Tea and Snacks.

In Action @ St Kabir
The kids presenting me with posters about ME
A collage about ME!

Another short drive down the road and we arrive to record a programme for the School community radio station. 

On Air talking about Me.

And the last part for today was an appearance at one of the local bookstores – the Browser Bookstore. this is a library AND a bookstore that also included a photo session and interview with information extracted from my chat. Love the bouquet of flowers I received too.  

And the number one question I was asked at all appearances today? Will I write about India in any of my stories?

@ the Browser Bookstore

So, the day is done. I just love doing the school visits. A successful and totally pleasing day all round. One that will live long.
Now to rest for an early morning train trip back to Delhi!

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