The glorious thing about writing picture books … well one of the glorious things … is when you get to see an artist do their thing. Above you can see a few of the spreads for my new picture book, published by Walker Books, coming out next March – Python illustrated by Mark Jackson. I am stoked.
Mark’s pictures just make me want to jump through the page and grab hold of the python. He really has captured the python wonderfully well, and wait till you see the ambush page! I just get soooo amazed every time I get to see what these hugely talented people can do. They see so much in the words that I create.

And it is amazing too to think back to my zoo days – who would have known then that all the cavorting around in the Zoomobile that I established at Taronga would lead me to create this, and all those other animal books I have done. It truly is remarkable to think where a walk/stroll/drive down one path will take you.

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