road Trip part 2 – leaving BOURKE

And so we bid Bourke a fond (?) farewell. I still amazed that I have spent another two nights of my life in Bourke. I came, I saw and now I have gone.

But we did take a short cruise around town and have a look at a few of the sights that I remembered, like another of my residences. I didn’t bother with a photo because the house where I used to reside in in Darling Street is no longer there, which is a good thing too because even when I was there it was already condemned – well it was the women’s accommodation and it was covered in holes and broken screens and shutters and basically a mess!

First thing this morning too I had to grab some shots of, and walk along the old bridge at North Bourke.

the Darling River

THAT Bridge

Can’t believe vehicles really drove across that … did I?

And then it was on the road to Wee Waa via Brewarrina and Walgett, and suffice to stay that we skipped the first town and stayed just long enough in the second to buy some lunch fillings before hitting the road again!
We saw a splattering of road kill, flock after flock after flock of grazing emu and wildlife of various creations and also the most wonderful flock of glossy blacks roosting and feeding. Alas we just missed getting snaps of the birds in flight as a truck came barrelling down the highway.

And now we have made it to Wee Waa. Upon cleaning out the car from the past 400 kms we came to the view that it looked decidedly messy. We really do try to use limited number of drink bottles but …

material collected from the car

A stretch of the legs after checking in to the motel found us here – at the local ‘temporary’ library.

  • Yes, we did what all good book people do, we searched for our books. 
  • No books by Cheng or by Davis were found 

… and probably just as well because who ever had a book in the library had to buy the afternoon coffee, which is what we were really searching for anyway — a coffee shop (I can’t wait to get to HOME King Street and have a REAL coffee).

Penultimate school tomorrow.

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