road Trip part 2 – Moree

Well this is it. the last school of our epic CAP Road Trip and we were at Moree Christian School. what a great school and a delightful bunch of kids this turned out to be. These kids really wanted to get in on the act and be part of our workshops. And wonderfully wonderful, some of these kids knew our books too. Again Sarah was creating with her students wonderful framed pictures and I had lots of stories, poems and information pieces about, Harvest Time, Riding Farm Machinery, Scooter Accidents, Wombats, GOing to work with Dad … and heaps more. I even learnt about some of the practices used on farms today, all thanks to my very informative and instructive writers. You were great.

writers and illustrators sharing their work

My students also came up with a few titles for the compiled book … that included:

  • In Our Backyards,
  • Writings from our backyards
  • 14 Schools Write.

 Now the words and the pictures from this three and a half week road trip have to be put together..

And that was it for this road trip.
It was a low-level flying trip to Tamworth to make it in time for Chris to fly back to Sydney with Sarah and the girls staying overnight before taking a slow leisurely drive home to Sydney!

Thanks all for an absolutely grand time.

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